Human design is the science of differentiation mapping the way in which individual consciousness is programmed. This is the most accurate system of the knowledge of the self ever created.

There has never been such an exact and so perfectly logical method that would x-ray a human being with such a precision. No other method can strip down and grasp our nature, both from the inside and the outside, and guide us towards where it is right just for us, in any area of our lives. It shows us and describes to us the way of Self mastery. Human Design is not about faith, spirituality or morality, it is pure mechanics, science of differentiation. It maps each person’s initial imprint which carries their unique potential. For each person, the quality of natural has a different meaning. What is natural for one may not be natural for other. Every person comes to this world with a specific inner authority, a guide to making decisions in their life and a strategy to follow.

Human design describes, visually, consistently, and to a great detail, the mechanics or our mind, personality and body. It literally maps every single part, both conscious and unconscious, of a person, their genetic imprint and inherent disposition. It explains how our unique inner guidance works, where we are vulnerable and where stable and, thus, what we can always rely on.

The number of combinations and variations reflecting the flow of energies within us is infinite. Each map is unique, showing the moment of our birth and also the time of approximately three months before we are born, when the physical matter of our brain evolves. The calculation of a map is based on the study of neutrinos, subatomic particles that have mass and carry information which define each person’s specific imprint.

Human Design studies our uniqueness and the ways how to support it and set it free from conditionality and our environment that starts shaping us from the moment we are born, and from the many layers of collective patterns we have, unconsciously, adopted. The system can reveal why we act the way we do, how we behave and why we do the things we do. At the same time, it can help us find what to do so we can express our own potential in a most natural manner.

Human Design is a synthesis of advanced contemporary science such as genetics, quantum physics, biochemistry or nervous system nutrition, as well as ancient teachings including Western and Eastern astrology, the Hindu system of chakras, Kabala or I Ching (Book of Changes), by which humanity has been fundamentally influenced.

I don’t know if you can sense how a deep a revolution we are involved in, because it is simply not about the surface of helping people feel better about themselves and live a better life, it’s about finding out what THE life is.
Ra Uru Hu

Four types and centers

Four basic types according to the mechanics of our internal working.

GENERATORS: 70% of population

GENERATORS are powerful energetic beings. They are here to identify with what they do, not with what they think. They are huge creators, who can build more and more energy by loving what they do or doing what they love. They are building the world.

The power they have comes from their defined sacral centre. The sacral centre is the engine of life force, the vital energy for work, sex, and fertility.

THEY CAN MASTER THEMSELVES by waiting to respond, to tune in or not from their sacral centre to whatever comes to their aura. Their aura is enveloping, open and receptive. By first waiting to respond and then acting Generators appreciate their own energy and allow life to serve them and bring them what they need.

Following the sacral's response and intelligence, they reduce frustration and reach satisfaction. When Generators initiate action upon their idea in the mind without the sacral response, without enough energy or emotional clarity, they create frustration and continue to be the slaves in the world.

Generators are here to know and to be interested in themselves, to learn how to respect themselves and value their own energy; to embody and spread joy, to be in contact with their body, and not to initiate anything from their mind thus living and spreading frustration.

By HD mechanic Generator can be: Emotional Generators, Manifesting Generators, Emotional manifesting Generators and Pure Generators. To know more about mechanics of your unique form and your personality I recommend a personal reading of your chart.

MANIFESTORS: 8% of population

MANIFESTORS are here to initiate and have impact on others and the world around them. They bring creative spark with what they say and how they act. Their voice has an influence, they are like dynamite in their action.

FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE are the key words for a Manifestor. If they are not independent in taking action and allow others to tell them what to do and how to do it, they let the anger grow and lose their power.

THEY CAN MASTER THEMSELVES by informing others about their actions and intentions. They need to take life in their hands. They are conditioned to feel like they give away their power if they inform, so they usually have problems to inform others.

Manifestors know very well how it feels to be rejected. Their aura is repelling and designed to push things out of the way. If the Manifestors inform before acting they can easily eliminate resistance they meet from others.

The strategy for a Manifestor child is that they should learn to ask for permission before they act. When they grow up than they do not need permission anymore, they should not please anybody, they just need to announce what they will do. Not in a way of: “May I do it or can I do this”, but rather: “I plan to do this...I will make that…”

Manifestors are here to know who they will impact and how. They are here to embody the peace, to educate others and impact with their energy, to not be afraid of rejection, to meet and integrate their own anger and to learn how to be alone like a wolf from time to time.

By HD mechanic Manifestors can be: Emotional Manifestor, Ego Manifestor and Splenic Manifestor. To know more about mechanics of your unique form and your personality I recommend a personal reading of your chart.

PROJECTORS: 21% of population

PROJECTORS are here to read, guide and direct the energies of the Generators. Projectors can know themselves through knowing others. The RELATIONSHIP is the key word for them, they are here for others. Their aura is absorbing, focused and penetrating. They have natural abilities for studying, organizing and understanding how any system works.

THEY CAN MASTER THEMSELVES by watching, listening, observing the energy of others while they are waiting to be recognized for their specific potential or talent. To wait to receive the correct invitation is what brings them a feeling of success and sets Projectors free of feeling bitter of not being recognized by others.

Projectors are not designed to generate energy or manifest their intentions. They are non-energetic types. They easily deplete their energy if they consistently work hard for a certain period of time. They are here to be aware of the energy and not to identify with the energy of others, otherwise they cannot be easily recognized for their gifts. Instead of putting effort and exposing themselves in order to be seen, by comparing themselves with the energy of other types and giving unrequired advice, they should relax, focus on their studies and actively wait while observing life and its magic.

Projectors have an extraordinary gift to see the energy and to know how to guide it for the benefit of humanity.

By HD mechanic Projectors can be: Emotional Projector, Ego Projector, Self Projected Pojector, Mental Projector and Splenic Projector. To know more about mechanics of your unique form and your personality I recommend a personal reading of your chart.

REFLECTORS: 1% of population

REFLECTORS are a very rare type. They do not have a consistent energy in any centre in their design; all their centres are completely open. Reflectors are focused on the whole and interested in the WE, not in the Self or You. Reflectors reflect the consciousness of a group, the environment, the place where they are. They are a mirror.

Their aura is resistant like Teflon and reflects other auras. They are, on a daily basis, much more affected by planetary transits than any other type. Reflectors take in the energy coming from transiting planets and their environment and reflect it back.

THEY CAN MASTER THEMSELVES by recognising in ordinary things and people something significant, unique, something that can surprise them. The key word for reflectors is PLACE. If they are in a place they like, they can meet the right people.

Reflectors are lunar beings; they receive imprints from the moon. Only after a full lunar cycle of 28 days they can achieve bigger clarity and make major decisions in their lives (about relationships, job, moving, etc.).

Reflectors are here to see what is interesting and different, not to be bored with life and overwhelmed by energy and emotion. They are here to embody and observe constant change and to become wise and utterly objective.

To know more about mechanics of your unique form and your personality I recommend a personal reading of your chart.

Human design is the science of differentiation

Open centres

In the open centres, energy is not fixed but constantly changing. This energy comes from the outside, amplifies in the open centres for a certain period of time, and then leaves. Identifying yourself with the energy that comes in from the outside through your open centres creates and enhances something that is not your own. IT IS NOT YOUR TRUE SELF.

Defined centres

In the defined centres, energy is consistent and fixed twenty-four hours a day. This is energy you can always rely on as it comes from within yourself. It is the energy of YOUR TRUE SELF.

HD chart reading and consultation with Dubravka Radonjić

Every person’s design is unique and perfect. All the mechanical principles associated with your design are as impersonal as gravitation and can or work in your favour, or make your life complicated.

The mechanics of your design will work correctly only if you respect your inner authority and follow your strategy. Otherwise, it will only be a lot of incredible information that will bring you relief and that you can talk about over a coffee, but that will not be integrated into your system. It is the knowing your inner guidance and experimenting with your strategy that will change the frequency of your body and bring real change into your life.

Human Design is like a virus, terribly attractive, it will get under your skin because it carries true information - about situations and patterns you have been experiencing over and over in your life and you know them so well, but also information about the genetics and mechanics of your body you are not aware of, and yet they subliminally define your life.

Your personalised reading will astonish you by its truthfulness. You will accept it with ease, as you will understand all the connections, the reasons for certain things happening in your life, what will naturally help you to surrender to life to the life, which is the biggest mastery of all.

You will learn which energy is your own, how to cultivate it and with what to synchronise so you can express and live your own potential. You will also find out how your environment affects you, what you have identified with since your childhood, and why you are living a life that is not yours, a life that does not belong to you and never will.

Yet, even what is yours "Not self" has its place in your personal development. You can learn a lot about it and use it for your own good, but there is no need to turn it into a blind conviction about who you are, and thus break the delicate balance.

Dubravka Radonjić

Dubravka Radonjić

Believe in your self,
not in what you believe about your self and enjoy paradox.

D. R.

I first came across Human Design in 2007 and have been studying it ever since, going through my own development process and experimenting with decision-making according to my strategy and authority. Today, I play the role of professional Human Design analyst.

My teachers in the field of Human Design have been: Ra Uru Hu (the man who created Human Design 25 years ago), Alokanand Diaz (Your Own Authority), Genoa Bliven (Human Design America).

In terms of the HD mechanics, I am an Intuitive Shocking Generator who passes through different cycles of maturing through trial and error process, explores what works and what does not, building a solid foundation, an "own authority" to rely on. I am here to know my self and realise my potential through relationships and to set in motion the spirit of those I meet at a deeper level.

VOriginally, I come from Bosna and Hercegovina and I have lived in Prague, the Czech Republic, since 1999. I studied film making and have made several short movies, some of which were awarded prizes at prestigious film festivals. Since 2008, I have been teaching self-expression through dance, abstract communication and deeper body awareness.


PERSONAL READING: 90 to 120 minutes

A detailed analysis of your internal functioning.

  • how and based on what to make decisions for yourself. Where your inner authority is and what is your strategy
  • how the mechanics of your body and mind work and how they influence each other
  • what your strengths are and how to use them and live them in a healthy way
  • what affects you, what makes you weaker and what to do with the energy you take over from your environment
  • how to maintain a healthy physical body and what to avoid to prevent stress build-up and imbalances that lead to diseases
  • the mechanics of your personality and your potential
  • how to free yourself from collective thinking and strengthen your unique nature
  • how to create a loving and healthy relationship with your own mind. How to work with the potential and the illusions of your mind
  • practical advice on health, work, relationships, living and personal development based on your personal map


A guide to better understanding each other and deepening the interconnection.

  • learn how each of you contributes to your relationship
  • see where you influence each other
  • find out what connects you
  • how you complement each other
  • how to preserve your individuality in the relationship, how to support each other and deepen intimacy
  • how to work with others in a working environment

Ideally, each partner should first get their own personal reading before the reading for couples.


Follow-up consultations are intended for strengthening your uniqueness and your potential and for finding solutions to specific situations in your life using your design.